Download the 15 Day Free Trial

System Requirements:

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Download The 15-Day Free Trial:

The trial version is fully operational for 15 days. After that time most program functions will be disabled until you purchase the full registered version.

  1. Click here to download Home Cookin 9.71
    Save the file to a folder you can easily find later such as the "Documents" folder or the root directory of your C: drive.
  2. Wait for the download to finish!
    Closing your browser before the download has finished may result in a corrupted file.
  3. Open the hmcook971-installer.exe program you downloaded and follow the prompts to install Home Cookin Recipe Software on your computer.

    Note: Webroot Secure antivirus is falsely detecting the installer as infected for some users. Webroot has assured us this will be corrected in the next security update. Until then, you may need to disable your antivirus if you receive this warning. We recommend scanning the file with another antivirus product if you are concerned about viruses.

Worried About Security?

Home Cookin is scanned for viruses and spyware before it is made available for download.

To ensure the file has not been altered since it was uploaded, Home Cookin Recipe Software is "digitally signed" by an independent organization. If you would like to check the signature before opening the file in step 5, simply Right click the file you downloaded and click the Digital Signatures tab. Click the name of the signer, Mountain Software, then click the Details button. You should see a message that says "This digital signature is OK".

Want More Recipes?

To keep the file size small and minimize download times, the trial version only includes about 25 recipes.

If you would like additional recipes, you can purchase Home Cookin on CDROM which includes over 15,000 recipes.

You can also find thousands of free recipes from public newsgroups, web forums, email subscription lists, web pages, and more.


If you receive an error while trying to install Home Cookin, reboot your computer and shut down all other applications. Then try installing again.

If you have other questions or problems, please email us at:


If you find Home Cookin does not meet your needs, you can easily remove the software from your computer. Just open Windows control panel and select the "Uninstall a program" applet ("Add or Remove Programs" on Windows XP). Then select Home Cookin from the program list and click uninstall.