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I have been using a number of cooking programs for over 20 years. Home Cookin is really good! I was able to very easily download a recipe from the list of sites you have available. I have to say I am addicted to this program already. - D. Pardo, Jan 2018
Your program is great - I have two homes and the cloud base storage has been a blessing. I am able to retrieve favorite recipes on my phone or Kindle if I forgot to bring my laptop. Thanks for a program that works and is easy to use. I am finally cleaning my cookbook shelf of all the scraps of paper recipes. - V. Bolton, Oct 2017
I love your software, it's the best on the market and so easy to use. - B. Mollis, Oct 2017
I just bought Home Cookin, and am very glad that I did. I'm just about to embark on an LCHF diet. I wanted to save all the recipes, but also all the info which came with the course, and Home Cookin allows me to do just that. Not only that, but I have tried other software to try and save these recipes, but have only managed screen imports with them. To my great surprise Home Cookin just imported them using your web import feature. Brilliant. So, I am very glad that I bought your software, because I couldn't have done it with anything else as easily. - S. Lord, Apr 2017
I just wanted to write and tell you how much I LOVE this program. I have been slogging through [dvo] Cook'n for about 2 years and finally I had it with the 2 minute or longer wait for startup, difficulty and time consuming printing, and random freeze-ups that seemed to come with all the bells and whistles. 5 minutes into the free trial I was in love with Home Cookin. Simple and easy to enter and organize recipes. Seconds to print in any format I want. Ridiculously fast uploads to the cloud backup and easy access from anywhere with internet access. It does everything I need super simple and super fast. Thank you! - S. Rasch, Nov 2016
Your software is just what I was looking for. It has many facets but is simple in format and very easy to use. Most anyone can make use of all of its features, without having to go through a lot of trial and error. - D. Kurtzman, Sep 2016
Brilliant update, so clean and uncluttered, which is what drew me to Home Cookin all those years ago. It amazes me how you can improve on what I consider to be perfection, but you have - well done. I love it! - R. Foster, Aug 2016
I love this software! It is far superior to the previous software I was using. - J. Bruer, Aug 2016
I've been using Home Cookin for a long time and love it. Best recipe program I've found and I've tried a bunch of them. I love the new cloud backup feature even though I keep a backup on a flash drive as well. - J. Krueger, Jul 2016
I just want to say that I LOVE this software. I have Living Cookbook, Mastercook and am now trying to return [dvo] Cook'n. I was not happy with any of these. Mastercook was so buggy, I stopped using it and went on a search and luckily found Home Cookin. Thank you! - E. Payne, Nov 2015
I've used Home Cookin for many years now and love it! It's the only recipe program that I recommend to others. Thank you for continuously making improvements. - J. Seaton, Oct 2015
I purchased your software and would recommend it over any on the market. It is the best I could ever imagine after researching all that is out there. - P. Cunningham, Sep 2015
I love the Home Cookin software. I have two other recipe programs. Home Cookin instantly became my favorite. It is so easy to add new recipes whether importing or manually copy and paste, it's quick and simple. Love it! - T. Stevenson, Jul 2015
Thank you for the best recipe database I have ever used. It is a fantastic product and the updates are a wonderful addition. I have recommended your program to several of my friends and they also love using it. - K. Cooke, Jun 2015
I love, love, love this recipe program. With every improvement it gets better and better. I can't thank you enough for what you have done to make such a miserable task so much more pleasant and down right easy. Keep it coming! - J. Cummings, May 2015
I just wanted to let you know that you have the best recipe organizer in the world. I am fully addicted! Every single bit of cooking thing goes into my little ginger man. Household tips, cosmetics, garden tips, saving tips... and cooking! - G. Schwab, May 2015
I particularly like its simplicity. I have tried almost every recipe program around and have bought several. Most of them are too complicated, try too hard, and are littered with things I don't want or never use. Home Cookin is looking good! - J. Pullman, May 2015
Your program is the best one I've ever found. It's simple to use and lots of fun. I use it every day and would never use any other. It's refreshing to know that you take the time to communicate with your users and address their concerns. Thank you. - K. Lucas, Mar 2015
We have had Home Cookin for a year now and have enjoyed it immensely. The product is always improving. Any time we have had a problem or need help understanding a procedure, Anthony is only an email away and always has a quick reply. You can't go wrong with this product. - J. Skinner, Feb 2015
I have used this recipe software for close to 10 years. Have not found one to compete with Home Cookin to date. I love it! - W. Geithman, Feb 2015
What impresses me most is the speed and stability of the program. I was a Cook'n (DVO) user for years, but their software is buggy, and despite all the bells and whistles it offers, I find you only use certain ones, and the ones you use should work. Thanks again for putting out a fine program. - P. Mazzone, Jan 2015
I have had several recipe programs and Home Cookin is by far the best. This is the easiest and most complete cookbook program I have ever had. - G. Lippincott, Sep 2014
I love, love, love this software, particularly the web and manual imports. - C. Comstock, Sep 2014
Thank you for such a fantastic program. It is so easy to use with a common sense way of entering recipes. The web import is super, and I like that I can enter general information as well as recipes. Keep up the great work. - M. Heer, Jul 2014
Thank you so much for your quick response especially on a Sunday! You have provided excellent customer service and I will be sure to share my experience with my friends. I have also used Living Cookbook for several years and have a very difficult time finding what I am looking for using their search feature. I have added almost 100 recipes to Home Cookin and have no difficulty finding what I am looking for using your "find" feature. - Kris, Mar 2014
I absolutely love your Home Cookin Software. Before purchasing I tested a number of other recipe software programs. Most of them were flashier and seemed to have more bells and whistles, but they were so much more difficult to work with, it was surprising. They weren't nearly as flexible as Home Cookin. Or as incredibly easy to use. Over the past year I added all our favorite family recipes to the program. Some were input manually, some were copied and pasted from Word documents (sent by family members), others were imported from websites. The software handled all of them easily without any problems. - D. Stone, Dec 2013
I have been using your home cookin program for more years than I can remember. Have given it to my friends as gifts. I absolutely love the program. It is so easy to use. It is well organized and I know I can find whatever I am looking for. - M. Borlak, Dec 2013
I have used Home Cookin for recipe storage for many years now. It is very easy to use. Most of all it is easy to print out and share recipes. It save lots of time trying to remember where I found that recipe because I just store them in one place. - G. Stormer, Dec 2013
I love that I can enter ingredients and directions in a text format and not have to tab to different spaces for quantity, measurement, and ingredient. It is so much easier than any other recipe software out there today! I love the way I can make as many categories as I want and the way it prints out a recipe. Thank you for creating this great way to keep my recipes. - K. Rizzo, Dec 2013
I just wanted to let you know how much I love this software! I looked for a long time for a recipe program. Tried a bunch of them too. Finally bought Home Cookin' and it just keeps getting better and better! I love the ability to capture recipes from select websites. I also use the make your own cookbook function to create gifts for family and friends! Keep up the good work. I'm going to be a lifetime customer. - D. Schneider, Dec 2013
Simple, clean and intuitive software. I began to research recipe software and I downloaded several demos to try out. Of all the ones I tried, I preferred the simplicity and ease of use of Home Cookin. It does what I want without the extraneous features and complicated instructions present in other programs. I've experienced virtually no problems with this software in all the years I've used it but occasionally I have had some questions. In each and every instance when I contacted Mr. Watson for assistance, he has responded quickly and helpfully. He takes justifiable pride in his work and he really stands behind his products. - Lizellis, Feb 2013
Great job on the new version! After quite a few years this is still the only software I recommend to people who want a recipe program. It's well worth the cost! - D. Schwartz, Feb 2013
After days of testing various recipe programs, I chose Home Cookin and I am THRILLED! How simple and amazingly convenient! Not too complex, not full of stuff I don't want. - C. Dove, Feb 2013
I absolutely love the Home Cooking program. I have tried several trial recipe programs and have bought a couple, much more expensive than yours but they have way too much stuff that I personally don't care for. They also are not always very user friendly. The ease of use of Home Cookin is what attracted me to it. - J. Pszenny, Feb 2013
I purchased Home Cookin some time ago. I have looked at a few of the others on the market, and the thing that's nice about yours is it's utter simplicity. It loads really quickly and you don't have to use a bunch of fields to paste things. - K. Schnaidt, Jan 2013
The Home Cookin software is exactly what I have been looking for. Most of the programs are too complicated. I don't use or need all the extra features. Your software does everything I need with no hassles. - M. Murphy, Dec 2012
Easy to use. This software was just what I was looking for. I wanted to be able to enter my own recipes in a simple format. A lot of programs won't let you put in a range, such as 1/2 - 1 cup, but this one will. The search feature is good. This program is very user friendly. - S. Mathews, Sep 2012
Best software ever. I have been using this recipe software for years, and it is by far the best one I found. I enthusiastically endorse this product and encourage everyone to try it. - D. Liend, Apr 2012
Tried several different programs over the years for my personal recipes, and this one is by far the best. The open format approach makes it easy to add recipes and enter quantities without having to use predetermined options. This also makes recipe entry much faster. - cj543oregon, Apr 2012
I have enjoyed Home Cookin. I like it better than [dvo] Cook'n. It is easier to add recipes to. - L. Jessup, Feb 2012
I love, love, love this software and really wish I'd found it five years ago. That's when I had the bright idea of making a family cookbook with recipes that had been handed down from our grandmothers on down. I compiled recipes and tried several other software programs to format, but wasn't happy. After finding your program, I have just sent off our cookbook for printing and will have it in time for Christmas! I love that I can copy recipes I find out on the internet and print recipe cards of the ones I want. This software is so capable but so easy to use! Thank you so much! Happy Customer. - J. Carolus, Nov 2011
I have spent SO much money on other programs, but was extremely disappointed when I started using them. I came across your website while doing a google search and now wish that I had done that sooner. Not only is your software absolutely perfect for what I want, but I was very impressed with what you said in your compare section. I was misled by the "features" finding that not only were they things I did not need, they made it more confusing. If you want to use this as a testimonial, please do. More people should consider this product above ALL others! - M. Isabell, Sep 2011
What a great program! Years ago I had a DOS shareware program called "Edna's Cookbook" with 1300 personally typed in recipes. With the new computer operating systems over the years I was unable to access old family recipes. Thanks to Home Cookin I can now enjoy the ease of use that my old program had and the best of what Home Cookin has to offer. Home Cookin has so many useful features that to name them all here would take up a lot of space and would not do it justice. I have used other recipe programs and never found one that allows you to customize your recipe data base as well as Home Cookin. Mountain Software support is in a class all it's own. - C. Willy , May 2011
Absolutely the best. I have been using this recipe software for years. I chose it after researching various other programs and have been very satisfied with it. I have never seen better support for any software. I can't imagine any better recipe software than Home Cookin! - B. Vellturo, May 2011
After many years of collecting recipes and particularly wanting to preserve special ones from past family members, I experimented with several trial versions of recipe software. I was not particularly pleased with any considering the high price. How fortunate to have found Home Cookin! This software is GREAT and I've recommended it to others wanting to preserve their own recipes. - Ranchmama, May 2011
After researching many recipe programs, I tried Home Cookin and immediately knew it was for me. I couldn't stand some of the other ones that you had to enter ingredients in a little box. Typing was much quicker for me and less irritating than lining up a box. I email recipes to my adult children so they can pick up the ingredients on their way home. The format is really easy and very simple to use. - Cooknsew, May 2011
Great cooking software. I imported recipes that I had in other software and frequently now add my favorites from web sites. It is so easy to import the recipe and illustration. I think the greatest asset of this software is it's simplicity. I have had several questions to ask and have received answers quickly as another user has mentioned. I have used several recipe products in the past and don't expect to change again. - R. Morley, May 2011
I have been a user of your Home Cookin software ever since you released it. I can't fully describe how happy I am and how invaluable this program is. The simplicity of interaction along with the final output is what makes this program what it is. - D. Lowe, May 2011
I have been a very happy user of Home Cookin for several years. I was looking for software that would allow me to quickly and easily enter the hundreds of recipes that are scribbled on index cards and scraps of paper, then just as easily find those recipes when I wanted them again. Most products I found wanted to sell me their recipes first and if I insisted on adding a few of my own, they might allow that too (at a premium price!). Home Cookin comes with plenty of pre-entered recipes, but the strength of the program is the ease with which I can make my own entries. I don't think there is another product out there that can touch the quality for this price. - M. Shuck, May 2011
I love this program! The best cookbook software I've ever used. - J. LaFountain, Mar 2011
I really love my Home Cookin program. Even a computer illiterate like me finds it easy and fun. - F. Grimaldi, Feb 2011
Home Cookin' is the best software I've ever used. It does its job in a remarkably user-friendly manner, has tremendous flexibility in formatting, and is fast-fast-fast! Highly recommended. - Heraldo, Jun 2010
Thanks for building this software. After buying a number of fairly expensive recipe programs, I do like this the best for the flexibility. - J. Krueger, Mar 2010
Home Cooking is great. It's probably the best cooking software of all and I have 20 programs. I just deep six the last one, Big Oven. - A. Shepard, Jun 2009
This recipe program is the first one I've ever discovered that works for me. As far as I'm concerned, this is the easiest and best recipe program ever. All the others I've tried, maybe 10 of them over the years, require tedious entry of each ingredient into separate fields, an effort I simply don't have patience for. And there's the added benefit that I can carry the recipes with me on a USB stick when I visit my second residence. THANKS to the developer for coming up with such a useful software. - T. Colvin, Feb 2009
My wife and I have spent approximately $300 over the years trying to find a good recipe database before finding Home Cookin. We especially liked that we could copy and paste from old programs. No retyping all the work we did over the years. That's worth a million dollars to me. Love making PDF recipe books with it, so easy. And my wife carries it on a thumbdrive everytime she goes to a friend's house. Home Cookin is lightning fast, it has pure speed, and it's idiot proof to use. - D. Roper, Feb 2009
After researching and testing several different software cookbooks I find yours to make the most sense, be the least overwhelming, and I love that it is not preloaded with lots of recipes. I already have stacks of recipes cut out that I will never cook! Kudos to you for developing a user friendly no-nonsense program that includes a grocery list for real people. - A. Meche, Jan 2009
I looked around before purchasing this software and it is by far the best I've seen. Nice and easy and not cluttered, exactly what I want. - S. Erback, Jan 2009
I've looked at many recipe software products and find yours to be the easiest and most flexible when it comes to storing my own recipes and not having to import someone else's cook books. Thanks for meeting my needs. - S. Lain, Nov 2008
Thank You so much for Home Cookin'. Ever since I downloaded my first version (3.0 I believe) I have accessed it to find or store some recipe almost daily. I searched for years for a decent recipe database to no avail until yours. - D. Hoppe, Nov 2008
I simply love this program. I've had several cookbook programs over the years and find Home Cookin to be the most user friendly, easy and versatile program I've ever had. I can do everything I want to do - print recipes, enter my own recipes, copy and paste recipes from other sources and email recipes. Keep up the good work! - L. Markwald, Sep 2008
I have been looking for a recipe organizer software for a while and finally I have found one that delivers what it promises! - P. Buchanan, Jul 2008
I was very happy to find your Home Cookin software. I downloaded the free trial and knew within minutes of trying it out that this was the kind of program I have been looking for. I've tried others that were so difficult to use. - S. Merrill, Mar 2008
I knew this was the program I wanted 5 minutes after I downloaded the trial. Thanks for making it so easy to use. The essential basics are covered and I have the flexibility to make it fit my needs. - V. Liebegott, Apr 2007.
I have looked at other programs and find Home Cookin the simplest and easiest to use. I especially like the free form units entry in the recipe section. - I. Walsh, Oct 2006.
I have bought every cookbook program out there, and all the whistles and bells they have on them, makes them so annoying to use. But Home Cookin is fast, fun and easy to use. - S. Chase, Sep 2006.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the program! Was a frustrated DVO [Cook'n] customer, it is deleted off my computer and the only one I have now is Home Cookin! I was so frustrated with programs until I found yours. - K. Jones, Apr 2006
I've had Master Cook for a few years but gave up adding recipes because there were so many steps. I tried yours for only an hour and immediately knew I had to buy it! It's so much easier to add or copy recipes than Master Cook. - C. Lemanowicz, Feb 2006
I also own a few other recipe software programs but have always had the best time with Home Cookin. The program is easy, it's clean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure things out and it really does a good job of grocery planning. - L. Pfusch, Jan 2006
Over the last 1-1/2 years, I have purchased every piece of Cookbook/Recipe software I could find. Without reservation or exception I can tell you that Home Cookin is absolutely THE BEST! Many of the other programs come in fancier packages, have fancier designed interfaces, even offer features that Home Cookin does not. And without exception, they are limited, inflexible, unnecessarily difficult to use, obtuse, and just generally a big pain in the kazoo! - T. Rayburn
Home Cookin is the best recipe software that I have come across and I have tried quite a few. It is the most user friendly software I have used. Thank you for creating something so simple for others to use. - A. Cahill
I had looked at many versions of recipe and cooking software, but was not satisfied with any of them, till I found yours. Absolutely the easiest to use, simplest to use for a neophyte computer operator that gave me any and all options for the best price. Thank you so much for a wonderful tool. - S. Maciejko
It's exactly what I was looking for -- a program that is easy to use without a gazillion features that I will never use. - M. Anthony
Home Cookin is the recipe software I've been looking for! It has ALL the features I need and is very easy to use. Your software comes closer to exactly meeting my needs than any other software I have ever acquired. - P. Hayes
I have tried several different cooking programs and yours is the best. It's so easy to use, easy to find what I want, I can't see why anyone would want to use any other recipe program! - K. Wilhelm
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