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Anthony WatsonHi, thanks for visiting! I am Anthony Watson, the owner and operator of Mountain Software. I grew up in southern Illinois, but have lived in beautiful Washington state most of my life.

I studied electronics in college and worked in that field until our daughter was born in 1989. During my unexpected role as "Mr. Mom", I quickly combined my love of cooking with my interest in computers, and wrote my first recipe application in 1991.

I founded Mountain Software in 1992 following the release of "The Recipe Box" for the Atari ST computers. In the years that followed, I also created recipe programs for the Commodore Amiga and Apple Macintosh. I released the first version of my Home Cookin recipe software in 1996. Today I develop exclusively for Windows and continue to improve my recipe software, and other applications.

I believe computer programs should be easy to use, and not overwhelm users with features most people will never need. My products are designed with this goal in mind.

My family and I use these products every day, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If you feel something is difficult or confusing, please let me know. Many of the features in my software were based on customer feedback.

Take care, God bless, and Thank You for your support!

Anthony Watson
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