Import Thousands of Free Recipes

One-Click Web Importing

Use the Web Import feature to save free recipes from these sites and thousands more:
Versions older than 9.71 may not support all of the sites listed below. Upgrade to the latest release, or use the manual import feature.

How to Use the Web Import:

Step 1: Copy the web page address
Step 1: In your web browser, copy the address (URL) of the recipe web page.
Step 2: Click the web import button
Step 2: Click the Web Import button on the Home Cookin Index screen.
Step 3: Enjoy your new recipe
Step 3:Enjoy!

Home Cookin Recipes

The download purchase option does not include any additional recipes. If you purchased the CD, the additional recipes will not be loaded if the program is already installed (to protect your personal collection). In either case, you may download the recipe file here and import it into Home Cookin:

1. Click this link to download the recipe file: Recipes.hc

2. Save the file to a drive/folder you can find easily, such as the root directory of your C: drive.

3. Open Home Cookin.

4. Click the Import button.

5. Check the "Sort to categories" option.

6. Click the File button.

7. When the file selector appears, locate and select the Recipes.hc file you downloaded from this web site.

Depending on the speed of your computer, it may take several minutes to import the recipe file into your collection.