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The Easy Way To Organize Your Home Records

Home Suite will help you organize all the bits of information you gather around your home. Keep track of addresses, email, and phone numbers for your friends and family. Record maintenance and fuel records for your vehicles so you can review past repairs and keep an eye on your gas mileage. And, secure all of your account numbers, passwords, registration codes, and more so they're easier to find, and safe from prying eyes.
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Address Book Software

It can often be difficult to keep track of the names and mailing addresses for your friends and family. People move or change email addresses, you get new neighbors, you are assigned new doctors, or you have new companies you do business with. You can try using an old fashion address book, but once you have to make a few changes you quickly discover how messy that is. You can store addresses in your cell phone, but it can be difficult to use those addresses in correspondence or to print envelopes or labels.

Home Suite lets you save addresses for your friends, family, business contacts, doctors, and more. You can easily make changes when needed, find the contacts you need quickly, and print envelopes, labels, or simple address books. You can even map the addresses or export to other applications when needed.

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Password Manager

Our lives are filled with codes and numbers we need to remember. These include account and PIN numbers for checking and savings accounts. You also need to remember your credit card numbers, expiration dates, and verification numbers. Storing the model and serial numbers for your home appliances and electronics will make it much easier to get parts and service. Remember your cell phone accounts, SIM numbers, and expiration dates. Anyone who drives needs to know their drivers license and expiration dates. Not to mention social security and medicare numbers, library card numbers, or the registration codes for all the software products you have purchased. And of course, most of us have long lists of usernames and passwords for our favorite web sites.

Home Suite provides an easy way to organize these numbers by providing user definable records. To keep everything secure from prying eyes, the database is protected with a master password using 256-bit AES encryption.

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Vehicle Maintenance and Gas Mileage Log

Other than our homes, a vehicle is one of the biggest investments most of us will make. To get the most out of that investment you should maintain your vehicle regularly. To do this properly, you must keep accurate records of the repairs and maintenance items you perform. Home Suite provides an easy way to record repairs for all of your vehicles, and quickly locate that information when you need it.

In addition, Home Suite lets you record your fuel receipts and will automatically calculate your gas mileage. Knowing your fuel mileage will help you monitor how your vehicle is performing, and can be a good indicator when repairs may be necessary. With gas prices continually rising, you can ensure your vehicle performs at it's best, or whether you should switch to a vehicle with better fuel economy.

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After struggling with trying to build a directory using my email program and other lame ideas, I ran across Home Suite. I bought it, tried it, and I absolutely love it. It's even simpler to use than my old program, is readily sortable, and has room for helpful little notes on each entry's page. It's easy to read, featuring bright type colors and is spacious, none of the text feels crowded. - L. Fish, May 2011