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Milestones Calendar Software helps you organize your appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and health records in one location. Milestones includes a menstrual calendar to help you track and predict your menstrual cycles. You can also keep records for your cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose readings. You can even have your schedule displayed right on your desktop wallpaper.
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Adjusts To Your Schedule.

Add as many events as you wish, Milestones will expand as needed to show everything you have planned. You do not need to open additional windows or scroll through event lists to see what you have planned each day.

You may assign events to color coded categories, and name the categories so they best suit your needs. Each event can hold more than ten pages of text, so you can include notes for your meeting, directions to your next appointment, or just record your thoughts for the day.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Memberships.

I have tried other calendars but I keep coming back to yours.
M. Agloro - May 2011
Easily remember the birthdays and ages of your children, parents, and friends. Add a record on their date of birth, and Milestones will calculate their age each year on their birthday. Enter your wedding date to see how many years you have been married each anniversary. Use the same feature to track employment or membership anniversaries.

Recurring Events For Paydays, Holidays, Meetings, and More.

Define repeating events with no complicated setup screens. Simply choose the repeat mode from a variety of weekly and monthly options. Easily move postponed events to new dates without affecting the normal schedule. Copy events as needed to plan vacations or accommodate unplanned meetings.

Simple Navigation.

If you need to know what time your appointment was last week, or you want to plan a vacation next month, you can easily scroll forward or backward in time to review your events. You can also jump by month or year to find a specific date quickly. When you are ready to return to the present, a single click brings you back to today's date.

Find events when you need them.

The event screen makes it easy to review and select events you have added. You can view the list of all events, or limit the view to a specific category if you do not want to see events of other family members. You can even filter the list by record type if you want to see how your weight changes over time, or look for patterns in your blood pressure readings. Use the Find feature to locate events you are unable to remember, or move events to another category if your organization needs change.

Easy Printouts.

If you want a quick reference in your purse, or need to coordinate schedules with others, print your calendar and take it with you. Milestones includes the print date in case you have several printouts in your briefcase and need to know which is the most current.

You can also select and print a list of events. This is great for taking recent blood pressure readings to your next doctor appointment, to have a list of weights and measurements to inspire your weight loss goals, or to easily view club meeting dates for the coming year.

Weight Management

Milestones can help you stay fit or manage health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. Record your weight and body measurements, then use the weight manager to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), ideal body weight, body fat percentage, and waist to hip ratios. Simple progress gauges make it easy to understand your readings.

To accommodate a wider range of users, Milestones can display weights in pounds or kg, and measurements in inches or cm.

Menstrual Calendar.

Add a menstrual event each time you start your period, and Milestones will automatically calculate your average cycle length. Milestones then predicts your future periods for the coming year. This allows you to be better prepared, and can be helpful when planning vacations, weddings, or other activities. Understanding your menstrual cycles can also help determine when you are most fertile for conceiving a child, or to practice natural methods of birth control. Knowing where you are in your cycle can also help your partner understand your changing moods.

Milestones continually adapts to your menstrual cycle to provide the most accurate period calculator as your cycle fluctuates or changes over the years. Calculations are performed for each assigned category, so you can easily monitor and predict menstrual cycles for more than one woman.

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Glucose Readings.

Specialized records let you track and manage your blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose readings. Like the weight manager, simple progress gauges let you see at a glance what your readings mean.

Doctor and Dental Appointments.

Easily schedule your doctor and dental appointments, and record follow-up information like test results, referral information, and more.

No Pop Ups.

Display your calendar on your desktop wallpaper so you can see your schedule at a glance. You won't need to open a window to review your appointments, or have annoying alarms interrupt your work.

Milestones will work with any wallpaper image, with a variety of outline and transparency options. Adjust the position as needed to work best with your wallpaper and desktop icons.