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Organize your personal recipes.
Import recipes from your favorite web sites.
View recipes on your iPad or Kindle.
Create custom cookbooks.
Share recipes with friends and family.
Plan your meals easily.
Prepare grocery shopping lists.
Recipe Software Index Screen
Index Screen

Add your own recipes.

Home Cookin's user friendly interface makes it easy to enter and organize your recipes. There are no ingredient limitations or complicated forms to fill out. Add as many notes as you wish for sources or ratings. Add a photo, check spelling, or resize the ingredients to better suit your family.

Use information records to save food glossaries, conversion charts, health recommendations, and other cooking tips.

Our recipe software uses the same layout as a traditional cookbook, so you can find your favorite recipes quickly. Create as many chapters as you wish, and organize your recipes into the chapters you want them in.

Import recipes from web sites
Recipe Screen

Import Recipes from Web Pages.

Import recipes from All Recipes, Betty Crocker, Epicurious, Fine Cooking, Martha Stewart, Pillsbury, and many other recipe sites. Copy the web link and our recipe software will extract the recipe and photo from the web page automatically. You can use any web browser you wish, or copy links from email or other applications.

Use the manual import feature to copy recipes from unsupported sites, text files, or other applications.

Import Popular Recipe Files.

If you are upgrading from other recipe software or sharing recipes with friends, Home Cookin supports a wide variety of recipe formats:

Big Oven.
Computer Chef (DOS).
Computer Cuisine Deluxe.
Cookbook Wizard.
Cookware Deluxe (Text export).
Edna's Cookbook (recipe.dat).
From Scratch.
Home Cookin.
Living Cookbook (XML).
Mac Gourmet.
Mastercook (Text).
Mastercook (XML).
Meal Master.
Now You're Cooking.
Recipe Processor.
RecipeML (XML).

Export to your iPad mini, Kindle Fire, and Kindle ereader
Tablet Support

Support for Mobile Devices.

Send your favorite recipes and grocery lists to your mobile devices, including the iPad and Kindle Fire tablets, or the Kindle eReader. Transfer the files by email or USB cable. If your device supports FTP, you can use the built-in FTP client for fast wireless transfers. No need to install iTunes or other software on your computer.

Flash drive and Netbook compatible.

If you change computers often, you may want to install Home Cookin recipe software to a USB flash drive. You can easily access your recipes at an internet cafe, the local library, or a friends house. If you like to travel, put Home Cookin on your laptop or netbook. You can manage your recipes even if you do not have an internet connection.

Eliminate duplicate recipes.

Find duplicate recipes in your database
Duplicate Finder
Locate duplicate recipes that are wasting space in your collection. The detailed analysis can match similar recipes even if they have different titles, misspelled words, or added notes. The duplicate manager lets you choose which recipes you want to keep.

Find your favorites quickly.

Quickly search for recipes by title or for ingredients you have on hand. You can search your entire collection or limit the search to a specific chapter. If you're not sure what you're looking for, the simple cookbook format makes it easy to browse through your recipe collection.

Resize Ingredients.

Home Cookin recipe software can easily adjust recipe proportions when needed. Resize recipes temporarily if you have guests for dinner. Or resize them permanently so they better fit your family.

Print cookbooks, index cards, and more.

Print index cards and full pages
Printing Options
Print your recipes to a variety of index cards or full page sheets. Home Cookin supports single index cards and common Avery forms. Create a simple cookbook by placing printouts in a binder. Or put your favorite recipe cards in a small photo album for simple bridal or baby shower gifts.

Full Page.
3x5 Cards.
4x6 Cards.
5x8 Cards.
Three 3x5 Cards (Avery 5388).
Four 3x5 Cards.
Two 4x6 Cards (Avery 5389).
Two 5x8 Cards.
Half Page (Mini Binder).
Post Cards (Avery 5689).
A4 (European).

Make your own cookbooks

Create custom cookbooks.

When you need to make a better impression, create personalized cookbooks in a variety of sizes. The printer ready PDF file includes a title page and a full index. Send the PDF to a printer to create professional paperback or hardcover cookbooks. These make great gifts, or as fund raisers for school or church events.

Share your favorite recipes.

Home Cookin recipe software can export your recipes in a variety of formats. Email your favorite recipes to friends and family. Save recipes to files that you can use in other applications. You can even upload recipes to your mobile devices for viewing on the go.

Home Cookin.
MOBI eBook (for Kindle readers).
Title only index.
Generic Text.
PDF Cookbooks.

meal planning calendar
Meal Planning Calendar

Flexible Meal Planning.

Add your favorite recipes to the meal calendar when you want to prepare them. Calendar notes let you plan for dinners out or other special occasions. You can even reference recipes in other cookbooks. Meals may be planned days, weeks, or even years in advance. You can even look back to see what you made for holiday dinners in past years.

Meals can be assigned to regular times, like lunch or dinner, or for any hour of the day. You can add as many recipes or notes as you wish to a single day. Move meals to new dates if you need to change your plans, or copy meals if you expect to have leftovers. Recipes can be printed directly from the meal calendar, or you can view individual recipes from your meal plan.
Make printable grocery lists
Grocery List

Prepare grocery shopping lists.

Start a new grocery list, select the items you need, and print. A cost estimate is calculated as you select each item, so you'll know ahead of time how much you'll be spending on your groceries. The printed list is compact and sorted by store and location to make your shopping trip quick and easy.

It is easy to select the ingredients you need from your recipes. You can also select common extras like cereal, toothpaste, or paper products. Items you buy frequently can be added automatically when you start a new list. You can assign items to generic locations like produce or dairy, or exact aisle numbers. Locate items quickly using the Find feature.

What customers are saying:

"Home Cookin is the best software I have ever used. It does its job in a remarkably user friendly manner, has tremendous flexibility in formatting, and is fast-fast-fast! Highly recommended." -- Heraldo

"After reviewing several recipe programs I chose Home Cookin because the format was the easiest to figure out. This program serves all my needs and exceeded my expectations." -- L. Tipton

"I had done the research to locate a recipe program for my wife, and after testing a few, I discovered Home Cookin and was blown away with it's total user friendliness!" -- P. Lewis

"This is the recipe software I have been looking for! It has ALL the features I need and is very easy to use. Your software comes closer to exactly meeting my needs than any other program I have ever acquired." -- P. Hayes

"I simply love this program. I have had several cookbook programs over the years and find Home Cookin recipe software to be the most user friendly, easy and versatile program I have ever had." -- L. Markwald

"It is far and away the best recipe software I have been able to find and does everything I want it to." -- B. Avard

"I knew this was the recipe software I wanted 5 minutes after I downloaded the trial. Thanks for making it so easy to use. The essential basics are covered and I have the flexibility to make it fit my needs." -- V. Liebegott

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